Orange, Yellow, and black iridescent winged mystery bug
Hi Bugman,
I hope you are still identifying bugs. I came across this little guy in Chicago on June 27th, 2007 around 1:30pm and was able to get him in a jar. The pattern of colors on its wings are remarkable and I have to admit, I’ve never come across a bug quite like it before. It was probably two centimeters in length. The jar I kept it in was formerly an applesauce jar and I noticed the creature using its proboscis on some remnants of the fruit. At that point, I decided to put a small but juicy slice of nectarine in the jar with the bug and it turned into a party. That bug was on that nectarine like flies on …. Well. Any idea what it is? Attached are two photos of the insect. One from the side and one showing it’s abdomen.
Joseph Greer

Hi Joseph,
This is an Ailanthus Webworm Moth. Its host tree is the Ailanthus or Tree of Heaven, a notorious weed tree introduced from China in the 19th Century that is one of the most invasive exotics our country is currently trying to eliminate.

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