Hercules Beetle in perspective
Hello! After my mother-in-law sent me some pictures of an unusually large beetle they found in Central Texas, I did a search on the internet to figure out what it was, and discovered from your site that it was a Hercules Beetle (I think!). I noticed there didn’t seem to be a picture of the beetle with an object to show it’s actual size, so I included a couple of the pictures taken (on my father-in-law’s hand) to show how big they actually are. I apologize if the pictures are too large, but I hope you can use them on your site sometime.

Hi Samantha,
Thank you for sending us your wonderful image of a male Hercules Beetle with the human hand for scale.

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  1. J.R. Caldoon says:

    I can verify the enormous strength and resilience of this beetle.

    Earlier this month, I had my first encounter with one of these guys by accidentally stepping on him at a gas station. I’m about 225 pounds — and not only did the big guy not get crushed, he pushed my foot back up hard enough for me to notice it!

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