Some sort of treehopper?
… noticed the eggs on Tuesday, found the hatchlings on Wednesday … cheers,
Rich Parker (Alexandria, VA)

Hi Rich,
In a very general identification, these are Hemipterans. The Hoppers used to be considered a separate Order, Homoptera, but now Hemiptera and Homoptera are viewed as the same order, Hemiptera, and Heteroptera comprises the old classification and is termed the True Bugs. These are probably in the Family Coreidae, the Big Legged Bugs or Leaf Footed Bugs but newly hatched specimens are often very difficult to properly identify and we do not recognize the eggs. Perhaps you will be able to provide us with photos of adult specimens in the future which will assist in correct identification. BugGuide has a photo of your eggs, but with the same general identification we have provided.

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