beetle with white hair?
Hi Bugman,
I live in Corona, CA (borders Riverside) and found this beetle looking creature – actually my dog was following it around curiously – in my back yard. When it is scampering to get away, it makes a cute little squeaky noise. The hair on it’s back seems about 5 – 10 mm long, pretty fuzzy! Would love to know what it is, and what it eats! I’m going to let it go in a couple of days. Thanks,
Corona, CA

Hi Rich,
This Velvet Ant, a flightless female wasp that packs a wallop of a sting.

Update: (04/02/2008) ID for insects
Hey, my name is Will, this is a list of the ID’s for the velvet ant page. image 14. Dasymutilla sackeni. hope this helps a bit.

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