winged bug w/feathered antennae
We’re in Portland, Oregon and have never seen this bug before. Although it looks beatle-ish in these photos, the black part are wings. Found it at about 10 p.m. – it was flying toward the light. Can you ID?

Hi Elisa,
You are right about this being a beetle. It is an adult male Glowworm in the family Phengodidae.

Location: Oregon

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  1. Roni Zigar says:

    Hi…So, are glowworms the larva of fireflies? If so, then how can glowworms be present on the West coast when we don’t have fireflies? Or do we and they are very secretive?

    • bugman says:

      We could spend hours answering your questions, but alas, we don’t have that much time. In a nutshell, a Glowworm is the larva of a Beetle in the family Phengodidae, and Fireflies are in the family Lampyridae. There are West Coast Fireflies in the family Lampyridae, but they do not have the same bioluminescent abilities that are so legendary in East Coast Fireflies, often called Lightning Bugs in some regions.

  2. Roni Zigar says:

    Ahhh….OK, I understand. You picked a good nutshell!
    Love your website!!

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