Hi Daniel,
This little guy was only 3mm or 4mm long and his fangs are huge for his size. And I think he may have bit me. What is this thing? Thanks for your help. Im really worried because I have bite marks all over my legs and they itch!

Hi Danny,
This is a Lacewing Larva or Aphidlion. They are sometimes called an Aphid Wolves, a common name also shared with Ladybird Beetle Larvae. Though we do not want to claim you cannot get bitten by a Lacewing Larva, there would be no ill effect. They are beneficial insects, both as larvae and adults, and they consume vast quantities of aphids and other insects injurious to plants.

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  1. Paul Chapman says:

    I live in Dallas Texas. In June I was bitten on three different occasions by Aphid Lions. I was trimming my crepe myrtle trees and I guess they fell and landed on me. Harmless enough but really itches after a couple of days.

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