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Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? I saw these cute little buggers by our office around 7 a.m. one morning, (Pearl River, NY, right on the NY-NY line about 6 miles west of the Hudson River). I thought they were some kind of fly until l saw the photos of the clearwing moths. However these guys are smaller – maybe 5/8” wingspan. I read on one of the linked bug sites there is a smaller species of clearwings that resemble bumblebees (but no photo). Maybe that’s these guys. Their head and body structure still looks awfully fly-like to me though. Love your site! Nice to know there are other bug-lovers out. What beautiful photos. What beautiful lil’ critters. Best Regards,
Jeanne Guderian

Hi Jeanne,
You are right about them being flies. These are mating Golden Backed Snipe Flies. Your wonderful photo shows the wing veination quite nicely.

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