moths to share
I took these last August in Ghent, W Va. at my mothers house. i’d like to share them with you. I pretty sure the green one is a Luna Moth. I would like to identify the other 2, if you have time. Looks like you were overloaded from your vacation. This is a pretty typical night at my mothers house, lots of cool bug (insects). Where in Ohio did you go? I"m from the Akron area myself. Regards,
Firefighter Dwayne West
I just sent you some photos from me. After further browsing your site, I have identified the other 2 as an Io and a Polyphemus. You have an outstanding website. It will be used often by me, as I have put it in my favorites. Again, OUTSTANDING website. Regards,
Dwayne West

Dear Firefighter Dwayne,
Since you have correctly identified your Luna Moth and your male IO Moth, we will concentrate on the remaining moth that you incorrectly identified as a Polyphemus Moth. It is in fact a Tulip Tree Silkmoth, Callosamia angulifera. BugGuide has many additional images and much information. Like all Giant Silk Moths, the Tulip Tree Silkmoth, Io Moth and Luna Moth do not feed as adults. They live to mate. Your mother’s home must be a moth aficionado’s dream. I just returned from my mother’s house in a small town just east of Youngstown, Ohio.

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