Wasp eating Monarch caterpillar
I finally found out what was killing my Monarch caterpillars, can you please identify him, I think it is a type of paper wasp. I just moved to southwest Florida and am on my 3d generation of Monarchs in a little garden planted just for them. This little caterpillar was getting ready to form into a Chrysalis on the fence when the Wasp got him. I have found the remnants of them before, but have not caught the culprit. While I love my little caterpillar farm, I won’t get rid of the wasps because I don’t think I can support all of the caterpillars the Monarchs lay on my milkweed. We have a population of Monarchs here year round. I will let nature take its course in my garden. Great site, I love it and have learned quite a bit! Also enclosed is a Potter wasp that changed the color of his pots based on his foundation. Great site, I love it and have learned quite a bit!
Fort Myers Florida

Hi Terry,
Good call on the Paper Wasp. It looks like Polistes annularis as pictured on BugGuide. Regarding the Potter Wasp, we doubt that this was a designer choice based on reading Martha Stewart. More likely the mud that was available at the time had a different coloration. This might be Zeta argillaceum, also pictured on BugGuide, but your photo isn’t detailed enough to be certain.

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Location: Florida

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