Potential Hardwood Stump Borer and a Striped Caterpillar Aggregation from Mexico finally identified as Arsenura armida

beetle and caterpillar from Mexico Hi there, I know you are specialized in the bugs of North America but while browsing your great site I noticed you sometimes have exotics as well, so I thought I might give it a try. Since August last year we live in Quintana Roo, Southern Mexican Caribbean and just … Read more

Net-Winged Beetle and Eastern Tailed Blue

Net-Winged Beetle and Unknown butterfly Hi Bugman! I spotted this Net-winged Beetle (Calopteron reticulatum) in my yard today! Once again, I was able to identify it using your site! I didn’t, however, see any photos of my Mystery Butterfly – thought maybe you could help to identify it? I followed this spastic little thing in … Read more

Battling Banded Alder Borers

what the heck are these? Mr. Bugman. My son and I were in pasadena,calif and we saw on a utility pole about 5 of these very scary looking bugs.. In one picture these bugs were fighting head to head and they even wrestled on the ground. What are these bugs and have you ever seen … Read more

Banded Alder Borer

what’s this bug????? Dear Bug Man, We found this at strip mall in Temple City,California. What is it? Thank You, Dominic Valenzuela, 41/2 yrs. Bye! Jennifer M. Luna-Valenzuela Hi Dominic and Jennifer, This beauty is a Banded Alder Borer, Rosalia funebris.

Bald Faced Hornet Nest

First encounter with Bald Faces Found your site looking for info on what folks commonly call “hornets”. I found this nest accidently and almost reached into it. It is about 3ft from ground level and in a holly tree. I find them very placid, and don’t seem to be aggressive at all like the ground … Read more

House Centipede

What kind of bug is this? I have been seeing alot of bugs of this kind in my house. They come out at night time and crawl on walls around the same time at night. I want to get rid of them. Can you give me some info about them and also how to get … Read more