and some mayflies
I thought you might want to take a look at this bug that I noticed in my car while driving. It was right in front of my fiancee’s face, but she didn’t see it. I stopped the car and told her to get out, and took this picture. If she had noticed it first, I’m sure we would have crashed, because let’s just say she doesn’t share my love of insects! Anyway, from the best I can tell, this is a large mayfly. I have seen some photos of the genus Hexagenia that look somewhat similar, but I know next to nothing about these. I assume the other thing in the picture is the result of a molt similar to what we see from cicadas?What do you think? Keep up the good work!
P.s. the two images are the same, but one is rotated. I wasn’t sure which one had better feng shui.

Hi again Bobby,
Though we have never really thought of the fact that we rotate images so they will better fit the format of our site as being feng sui, that is kind of correct. Also correct on the Mayfly metamorphosis identification, though we would not commit to a genus name on this.

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