you can see this bug i took photo of on this link. Any help i much appriciated 🙂

Hi Bocca,
You didn’t provide us with much information here. This is a fly, and appears to be a Crane Fly in the Infraorder Tipulomorpha. Those bushy antennae and the bold coloration are quite distinctive, but since you did not provide us with global coordinates, we cannot do better than Unknown Crane Fly.

thanks for the answer. I’m located in Europe, Serbia, Belgrade

Update: (05/30/2007) From Eric Eaton
” Oh, the unknown crane fly is some other type of phantom crane fly, I am pretty sure. Chen Young, who runs the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website could tell you for certain. Eric ”

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  1. Helen says:

    Oooh thanks for this! I currently have one of these in my flat in Montreuil, just outside of Paris, France. I’m guessing since it’s a type of crane fly it wishes me no ill?

  2. Stephen Foley says:

    It looks Asiatic to me, possibly from the Indian sub-continent?

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