caterpillar, pupa, and bumblebee moth pictures
We found a Bumblebee Moth caterpillar on our Honeysuckle vine…

brought it inside to watch it transform and thought you might enjoy the pictures!
Nikki Ogle
Aubrey, Tx

BumbleBee Moth’s Bug Luvin’
I sent pictures of our Bumblebee Moth development… well, I just went to check to see if it was still on the vine… and found a two for one. Two hours after placing the moth on honeysuckle vine, I went to see if it had flown away … instead I was seeing double! After viewing this discovery I’ve surmised that our moth was female … The assumption based on larger size and having not moved from the leaf it was place on. It must have been releasing pheromones? If that is correct … the one facing us in this picture is a happy little male. This is my favorite picture. I’ve attachem more.
Nikki Ogle
Aubrey, Tx

Hi Nikki,
We sure hope you are going to send us the egg photos to complete this awesome life cycle series. Though it is often called the Bumblebee Moth, Hemaris thysbe is most commonly known as the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth or Common Clearwing. according to Bill Oehlke’s awesome site.

Update: (05/29/2007) Snowberries I think
Hello bugman!
So glad that you guys are back. I was just looking an awesome series of shots sent in by one of your readers of the life cycle of some clearwing moths. I do believe they are Hemaris difinnis, the Snowberry Clearwing, and not H. thysbe. I use the same sources as you (namely Bill Oehlke’s website and bugguide, Wagner’s book for caterpillars). On Bill Oehlke’s website, he describes some of the differences, including the color of the legs, which can be seen in the image you have of them mating. Keep up the good work!

Hi Bobby,
Thanks for the correction. By the way, we cannot open your photos, but we are very curious to see them.

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