What’s That Bug? 😉
Hi there, bugman!!
Here’s to swamping you some more. Found this little bug/moth? on my wall and wondered what he is. I searched you site a bit, though not very thoroughly as I’m on dial-up most of the time and those lovely photos take aaaaaages to load. 😉 Didn’t find him. Instead of jamming your inbox with image attached, here’s a link to it on my Flickr
account. Best of luck catching up with your email! 😉

Hi Vedrana,
We don’t believe we will ever truly catch up on our emails. There were about 675 letters in our in box when we returned and we began by deleting everything with no subject line and have reduced the number by more than half. We are trying to post two letters per day from our absence and your linked image was perfect. This is a Caddisfly, a mothlike insect with an aquatic nymph. Caddisflies belong to the order Trichoptera.

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  1. Cassandra says:

    I am curious as to whether or not there would be a reason for a caddisfly to have made its way under my covers and on my upper leg at night. It has happened twice in the past 3 months. Very odd to me considering the size of the caddisfly. Do they bite?

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