Luna Moths Mating
Hello! I was just scrolling the Luna Moth page on your website and saw that you have a couple of pictures of Luna Moths mating. Today we have a pair on our fence and they have been there all day. We saw one on the fence last night by himself and today he was joined by his mate. I have been outside several times to take pictures and thought you might enjoy a few to post on your website if you’d like. I was saddened to read that the Lunas only live a few days. No wonder these two are spending so much time together! Enjoy!
Shelly W.
Near Winston-Salem, NC

Since I sent these, we have also located the chrysalis/cocoon of what we assume to be the female who was originally on the fence the day beflor, as the females apparently do not fly until after mating.

Hi Shelly,
Thank you for taking the time to resend your gorgeous image of mating Luna Moths.

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