what is this caterpiller?
Is this a geometridae? If not, any ideas as to what it is? Ideas appreciated.
Mary Kay Stewart
San Antonio, Texas

Hi there Mary Kay,
This looks to us like an Underwing Moth Caterpillar in the genus Catocala.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

6 Responses to Underwing Caterpillar

  1. Patricia says:

    I found one on one of my banana trees this morning!

    Dunnellon, FL

  2. Larry Alexander says:

    I live in south eastern Massachusetts,me and my son found a underwing caterpillar that resembled lichen moss (color and markings) it seemed aggressive for a caterpillar.
    Are they aggressive and are they poisnious?

  3. Jason Jennifer and Liam Lehnert says:

    I think we found one.
    We live in Rosharon TX

  4. Michael Allen says:

    I found one on a tree in,
    Bloomington, Illinois. ??

  5. Kandiss says:

    In south Mississippi and my sons had seen them everywhere
    Are the dangerous to kids or animals?

  6. Erica A. Harris says:

    We find these each year on our pecan tree here in Northen Arkansas. Found one today😊

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