I live in North Hampshire, UK, in the south and I was wondering if you could help me. I found this very peculiar bug in my garden, on the grass which I believe to be a moth of some sort, but I’ve never seen anything like it I found it about 11 in the morning on a reasonably warm day. It was on my grass for a long time and it seemed like it couldn’t fly as it’s wings kept flapping but it couldn’t take off. After I took pictures I rescued it and it flew away, and my cat seemed very interesting in eating it which didn’t help! Please can you tell me something about this bug? I’m really interested in what it is!

This Arctiid Moth is known as The Cinnabar, Tyria jacobaeae. The UK Moths site states it “is a fairly common moth in much of Britain. It is generally nocturnal, but is quite often disturbed during the day from long grass, low herbage etc. At night, it comes to light. “

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