Possible tick found?
I live in Rockford, Illinois (obviously USA) and this area isn’t really known for ticks unless you go into woods. Otherwise no ones sees them. I live in what you could consider a brady bunch sorta neighborhood. Anywho I was in my moms computer room and saw this bug crawling. I immediately thought it was a tick as my dog has had one before and seen one crawling on me once after a game some friends and I had played in the woods some years ago but I know they don’t die when squashed. I smashed it as hard as I could and threw it in the toilet and was still alive trying to swim around the water. I’m hoping I’m wrong as i hate ticks but mabye you could tell me more? Thanks for the response if given one. I also uploaded the picture to tinypic.com just in case it doesn’t show up in the email as you stated some pics weren’t showing up.

This is most probably an American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis. BugGuide has images from Illinois

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