Male Myrmarachne plataleoides – Thailand
Found this little guy wondering around the garden. It appears to be a male Myrmarachne plataleoides. I think the one I sent previously was a female of the same species. I found some information about them here
( ) although I wouldn’t agree with the statement in the article that
says "the males disguise is somewhat spoilted by his ungainly jaws protruding from his head, nearly one-third of his body length". Actually, it looks remarkably like a full size weaver ant carrying a smaller worker which is something you see all the time around here. There’s a photo of a male on the site here which looks similar to the one in the garden. Regards

Hi Sean,
We apologize for the tardy reply. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with queries and our personal and professional lives interfere with our attentiveness to our readers. Lately though, due to technical difficulties, there has been a dearth of images available for posting. We hope this problem is solved in the near future. Meanwhile, we have been looking at older unaswered mail, and we located your wonderful image. Sadly, we can’t seem to locate your earlier image of a female spider. If you can resend it as a small attachment, we would love to post it.

here you go.

Thanks so much Sean. It is also great that you previously sent us images of the Weaver Ants that this Jumping Spider mimics.

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