Plume Moth

what is this bug? This bug is in Washington State. Do you know what it is Amanda Hi Amanda, This is a Plume Moth. We have been getting numerous photos from around the world lately of different species of Plume Moths.

Luna Moth Cocoon

big pupa Hi there? Got any ideas about the identity of this pupa? I found it on the ground outside of my house in mid coast Maine on March 31st. It’s alive, that is, when I move it, it scratches around inside and actually will roll across the table top like a Mexican Jumping Bean. … Read more

Luna Moth

We love your site Thanks for helping us identify this beautiful visitor. The whole neighborhood has been by to visit to admire the beauty. Emily Bangle Nacogdoches, Texas Hi Emily, We got so many Luna Moth sightings in March, we decided to make it the Bug of the Month for April. We are happy the … Read more