Scarab Hunter Wasp?
This guy was on one of our fenceposts earlier today. It looks like a Scarab Hunter Wasp although it has lobes on the end of it’s antennae which don’t seem to appear in any of the Scarab Hunter photos I’ve seen. If it is a Scarab Hunter I don’t believe it is supposed to be in our area (northwest Washington), is that correct? Do you agree that it is a Scarab Hunter Wasp? At the time of the photograph it was very lethargic and could only fly a few feet and then it would sit still until prodded. Thanks,
Bill Scollard
Granite Falls, Washington

Hi Bill,
This is actually a Cimbicid Sawfly. It is probably in the genus Cimbex. Sawflies are related to wasps, but they do not sting.

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