Bug from Japan
Dear bug guys,
I simply adore the site, nice work! I am an English teacher in Fukushima, Japan (a few hours north of Tokyo) and have been fond of insects since infancy. I have made quite a hobby of photographing them over the years. Although colorful and interesting bugs are few and far between here on the island of Honshu, I was lucky enough to spot this little guy on the fringes of a fruit tree orchard on my walk to work last September. It took some detective work to find its official name on the Internet, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Chrysochroa fulgidissima. The Japanese call it a “Tamamushi” and I’m told they are hard to find. My fellow teachers were impressed I got a photo of one. Since you’re having trouble with attachments, here are links to the two pictures I took, as well as a link to the Japanese article about the bug. Enjoy, and keep up the good work!
(the) Brian Adler

Hi Brian,
Thank you for thinking to send your gorgeous image of this Japanese Buprestid, one the the Metallic Wood Boring Beetles, as a link and not an attachment. Tamamushi is a beatiful specimen.

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