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Dear Bugman,
I have been researching the bees dying and thought it would be a good idea for you to add this information on your site. Although beekeepers cannot name any products, I have been informed by beekeepers that a group of pesticides called neonicotinoids was introduced 3 years ago by Bayer Crop Science. These neonicotinoids are, I believe, nicotine derived. I am told they cause loss of memory, loss of appetite, disorieinted behavior and weakened immune system in bugs. I called Bayer customer help and was told the names of the products they sell which contain neonicotinoids. These are Admire, Provado, Calypso, Poncho, Gaucho, and TriMax. Admire is promoted as a pesticide for flowers. Tell everyone there is a possibility that this product is killing the pollinators which obviously means the Sphinx moths. Three years ago where these products were introduced to the environment bees showed failure to eat and disoriented behavior and then days later abandoned the hive, queen and larvae, just disappearing. Logically I find that if there is even the smallest possibility that these 6 products are killing the bees, then it is imperative to immediately halt the use of these products. After all, what sane farmer would ever desire to kill off all the bees? Another frightening aspect is that it is not only the bees that are disappearing but also all other polllinators, wasps, hornets, hummingbirds and even bats that eat the bugs. We may be looking famine in the face in only 2 years if this is not stopped. 50% of the bees in California are gone. A bee keeper with 10,000 hives lost all 10,000 this year. For moe information there is a highly respected beekeeper you may contact, David Hackenberg of Hackenberg Apiaries in Pennsylvania. His cell number is 813-713-1239. Also the website Maarec has information. Bee Alert is another resource. So far I seem to be the only one who is crying out for sanity. How much time will pass getting testing and proof that it really is the neonicotinoids? I have talked to my senator’s office, my congressmens aides, my state representative and everyone I can think of to stop the use of these neonicotinoids while there is still time. Please contact your local agricultural college or university student union and let the students know what about this disaster.
Thank you,
Sharilyn Wood Stalling

Hi Sharilyn
While we can neither confirm nor deny what you have stated, we are creating a special Pesticide page for your letter. We do not use pesticides in our garden and we have never endorsed extermination. The decline of bee populations can be traced to other problems as well, including hive mites. Thank you for championing this cause.

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