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Entomology Student Needs Help!
I’m taking an entomology course at Arizona State University and collected something that has stumped everyone. This beetle was found on a burnt log in the Brown’s Peak Wilderness of the Superstition Mountains, AZ at an altidude of 1933 meters. Coordinates where found are [ 33°41’41.92″N, 111°19’59.42″W ]. Between two Coleoptera keys, the enormous ASU insect collection/museum, a graduate student and a professor of entomology, we could not key this to the *family* level. Possibilities we could key to are *Oedemeridae*, *Meloidae*, and *Cleroidea* – however nothing was definite key wise and going by gestalt using the reference collection we could not find anything similar. For reference, this beetle is 10mm in length. I have attached a couple pictures and have more on my website at: http://corneveaux.com/gallery2/v/Insects/Mystery/ Any ideas? THANKS!!

Hi Jason,
We like this for one of the Checkered Beetles in the family Cleridae. We will check with Eric Eaton to see if he can verify.

Just checked your site from my workplace. The beetle has ME stumped, too. The habitat and behavior (searching dead wood) really does fit for Cleridae, but the shape of the thing says Meloidae. It will likely be one of those two. Clerids tend to be very fast-moving, whereas blister beetles mostly polk along. Too bad we don’t know how this one behaved….If I get any more ideas or, um CLARification (pardon the pun), I’ll let you know.

Ed. Note: (04/23/2007) Eric Eaton just forwarded us these two identifications:
Great pics. This beast is Tricrania stansburyi, the western species of Tricrania. The species in the eastern US is Tricrania sanguinipennis. Andy Cline, CA Dept. Ag. and myself are doing a revision of this genus.
Jeffrey P. Huether

That’s a bee-parasitic Meloid, Tricrania. Not very common.
Doug Yanega
Dept. of Entomology: Entomology Research Museum
Univ. of California – Riverside,
Riverside, CA

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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