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Two from the Archives
(04/23/2006) help with a green moth in Oregon
We found this moth beneath our porch light on two nights in April (8th and 9th), but haven’t seen it since. The green color was striking, unlike any moth we’ve seen here before, but we can’t figure out the species. We’ve looked through the photos on your site, as well as those at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center website, but can’t find a good match. If it helps in the identification process, we live in the Cascade foothills outside of Portland, Oregon, and this individual was about 2-3 cm in length. Thanks for any help you can provide! We really appreciate what you do at WTB. Best,

(03/29/2007) SW Washington state moth
Hi. On 3/28/07, I found this moth frantically swimming in my pond and fished it out. Here it is drying on the stone patio. An hour later it was gone–I presume into the adjacent foliage area. The Douglas fir needle under it is about 1-1.25″ long. Can you identify it? Thanks.
Jozie in Vancouver, WA just north of Portland, OR

Hi John and Jozie,
First, we apologize for our tardiness in answering. John has waited a year and Jozie a month. We did not recognize this beautiful Deceptive Sallow Moth, Feralia deceptiva, but we knew that one day we would have time to do the research. Today was that day. We were asked to supervise a computer lab full of college students and we had time to do some web research. BugGuide has additional information on this moth that is found in the Pacific Northwest. The caterpillars feed on the foliage of the Douglas Fir.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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