Desert Spider Beetle
You had a posting at the end of march 07 from a lady that lives in Las Cruces, NM. I too live in Las Cruces, and yesterday came across the same beetle she is talking about. I took some pictures. I was taking my dog out just now, and found two of the, a big one and a small one. I believe the larger is a female and the smaller is a male. I captured them in the act. I am attaching the pics that I took. I have sized them down to a small email size pic because I have a few. If you want me to email you a larger pic, let me know, and I will. I hope these pics will do some wonderful justice to the beautiful beetle that seems to be prominant in Las Cruces. The majority of these larger pics show the smaller male attached to the back of the much larger female.
Heather, Las Cruces NM

Hi Heather,
Thanks for sending us your wonderful image of mating Spider Beetles.

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