Darkling Beetles?
I live in Ceduna, South Australia. We moved here at the start of the year and since then have been fascinated by these bugs. Everyone here calls them “stinky bugs” and, apparently, they do let off a bit of an odour when crushed. Anyhow, I’d been trying to find out what they were and so was very glad to stumble upon your site. Can you confirm that they are Darkling Beetles? I found a picture of one on your site that looked like a match. I’ve been told they come originally from India. Do you know if this is true? Cheers,

Hi Adam,
Yes, this is a Darkling beetle, and it does resemble the Stink Beetles in the genus Eleodes that are found in the American Southwest. In the limited time we spent researching your questions, we cannot confirm nor deny, nor do we know what species this is.

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  1. AlexW says:

    Erotylids can be distinguished from tenebrionids that look similar by tarsal formulas. The formula of the former is 5-5-5, the latter 5-5-4.

    The pics are a bit blurry at the legs, though.

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