Case Bearing Moth Larva

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This thing is about half an inch long, and there were two of them, in an old cream-cheese lid…. I had picked it up to throw it out, but got distracted and put it down next to me, and then I noticed the pieces of dirt were moving…. not only that the worm like thing can come out of either side! Anyone know what this thing is? One of them escaped, but I got photos of the remaining one….. he was about to crawl off of my workbench, but I caught him…they seem very aware… the worm part doesn’t come out unless you stop moving.

This is a Case Bearing Moth Larva. We get blurry photos and pumpkin seed descriptions all the time from all over the world. Your photo is quite exceptional.

Regarding the “case bearing moth larva” posted 04/10/2007); you might want to add that these insects also go by the names “household casebearer” and “plaster bagworm.” Most of these found in the United States likely are in the genus Phereoeca, but the genus Praececodes also has been reported from the southern USA. See for more detailed information.
Ed Saugstad
Sinks Grove, WV.

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  1. Hey bugman I found these things all in a room I have and I have two questions… do they eat clothes? And how do I get rid of them? Thank you


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