big pupa
Hi there?
Got any ideas about the identity of this pupa? I found it on the ground outside of my house in mid coast Maine on March 31st. It’s alive, that is, when I move it, it scratches around inside and actually will roll across the table top like a Mexican Jumping Bean. The husk is papery and there are tiny pin holes all through it, like breathing holes. It feels quite heavy and as you can see, is almost 2 inches long. That’s a big pupa for Maine where most stuff is pretty small in the insect world. I’ve been a gardener for 25 years and have never seen anything like it. I didn’t find anything in my garden insect references. Thanks in advance for your time,
Robin Robinson

Hi Robin,
If you don’t want this Luna Moth Cocoon to hatch too early, you need to keep it outside. If you have an old birdcage, that would be perfect. You should check daily to see if it has hatched. In Maine, we get most of our Luna Moth photos in May. Right now, we are getting photos from the Southern portion of the range, including Louisiana and Georgia. The Luna Moth is our featured Bug of the Month for April.

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