Cimbicid Sawfly

Scarab Hunter Wasp? This guy was on one of our fenceposts earlier today. It looks like a Scarab Hunter Wasp although it has lobes on the end of it’s antennae which don’t seem to appear in any of the Scarab Hunter photos I’ve seen. If it is a Scarab Hunter I don’t believe it is … Read more

House Centipede

Many legged Beastie Hello, We saw this bug in the south of France (in the Gorges du Tarn region) last October. There were two of them living together in a crack behind the front door. They weren’t at all scared when the door moved. We’d love to have any information about it. Thanks, Emily Hi … Read more

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Metallic Green Beetle Hi: I found many of these under the bark of a fallen and decaying pine tree. I was looking for skinks, and found these bugs. I’ve never seen them before. They seem to be present wherever there were termites. They were about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long, moved quickly, and … Read more

Golden Orb Weaver from Australia

Golden Orb Weaver Hi Bugman, Hope you like this Golden Orb Weaver female from Queensland Australia. Trevor Jinks Gold Coast, Queensland. April 29 2007 Hi again Trevor, The common name, Golden Orb Weaver, will probably get us in trouble as a very different spider has that common name stateside. Your spider is in the genus … Read more

Ironclad Beetle

Picture from Microsoft Picture It! We live in Mission Viejo, Ca. Our 3 yer old found this beetle and has been living in his bug house for over 2 weeks. Do you know what it is and what it eats? He just found another so now it has company. Our son LOVES insects. His favorite … Read more