From the monthly archives: "March 2007"

Legged Big Fanged Black Bottom
I live just north of Sacramento, California (USA) and I found this spider under a raised, wooden flower bed on my front porch. I was hoping you could tell me what kind of spider it is and whether those massive fangs could do me any harm. Thank You,

Hi Jessica,
We are nearly positive this is a Harvestman in the Suborder Laniatores. Harvestmen are also commonly called Daddy Long Legs and they do not have venom. Your photos are totally awesome. We suspect if we are correct, Eric Eaton might ask permission to post this beauty on BugGuide as well.

Golden Buprestid
Dear Bugman,
My wife found a Golden Buprestid in our bedroom the morning of Mar. 20 here in Eugene, OR. We have no idea how it got there. A photo of it posing on an orange leaf is attached. Your website provided the correct identification. Thanks very much!
Donald Gudehus

Hi Donald,
Thank you for sending in your lovely image of a Golden Buprestid. We have gotten several reports lately of Golden Buprestids emerging from milled wood.

Toe Biter?
We saw this frightening thing while vacationing in Ixtapa, Mexico. It was aggressive and about 5-6 inches long and found near the beach. Is it a toe biter? We have video if it would help!
Shawn & Steffy

Hi Shawn and Steffy,
This is most certainly a Giant Water Bug. We would love to know if there is a colorful Spanish name for the Toe Biter.

When we asked a local what it was, he said something along the lines of “cincero” or “cincera”, but we weren’t able to find a translation for it!

Yuck BIG bug!
Dear Bugman,
Our two chocolate labs made a new playmate lastnight with this huge bug. It’s roughly 3 inches long and the biggest bug I’ve seen outside of a zoo. We live on a farm near Kalamzoo, MI. Is this bug from our area? If so, what kind of bug is it?

Hi Annette,
I hope none of you late night chocolate factory workers were running around in open-toe shoes. That might have been a bit too tempting for this Toe Biter or Giant Water Bug.

Huntsman Spider…I think
I love your website! I check it everyday, it is by far the best website I ever have been too about insects (and arachnids!) My friend was in Miyajima, Japan. This picture is of it on the bathroom wall she said that they saw it at night, and when I did a little reasearch on it I found the Huntsman Spiders were that true? I hope you can use this picture!

Hi Laura,
As you know, we have not posted in several days since we were away with the students. This is a Huntsman Spider, but we are not sure of the species. The markings are sure beautiful.

Florida bug
I spotted this bug outside my front door in west central Florida. It was a calm sort, remained there for hours until I finally got around to taking its picture. I have never seen anything like it. I would appreciate it if you could tell me/us what it is.
BTW what a great site. Those polka-dotted wasp moths have been scaring me for years, but no more. Thanks

Hi Paul,
This is another of the Wasp Mimic Arctiid Moths, the Spotted Oleander Caterpillar Moth, Empyreuma affinis. We didn’t recognize the species, but quickly located it on BugGuide.