blue beetles in New Mexico
Hi bugman,
I just moved to Las Cruces NM from Australia. My husband, 6 week old puppy and I were walking in one of the local arroyos yesterday and we saw what we thought were jewels on the ground. Closer inspection revealed two beetles. One large and one small….roundish like a grape with brilliant iridescent blue spots on their backs. They moved very fast once we took an interest in them. As my husband held back the puppy I used his cell phone to attempt a picture. I am not use to his phone and the glare was pretty bad at that time of the afternoon so the photos were dismal..but this one sort of captures the larger beetle in flight from us. My husband has previously lived in this area for a number of years and has never come across these beetles. I have started a search through Google and your site (I am up to page 6 of the beetles) but as the 6 week old puppy keeps wanting attention I am a bit distracted from the task! I hope that you can help us with an identification.

Hi Kate,
Your photo is quite blurry, but we are nearly certain this is a type of Blister Beetle in the genus Cysteodemus known as the Desert Spider Beetles. There is one blurry photo on BugGuide that matches your image, and it is identified as Cysteodemus wislizeni.

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