What’s That Bug?
Dear Bugman,
What a fantastic site you guys have!!! I just found out it the pic I sent is a Ribbon Winged Lacewing, a Neuropteran – could you help with the species id? Have now attached another pic, which presumably are its eggs (since they have the characteristic stalk-shape, just like other lacewings). Best,

Hey Guys, I stay in Mumbai, India and found this fly (?) in my house. At first glance, it looks like a large mosquito but has these two long appendages that stream behind it as it flies around in a seemingly “drunken” fashion, ducking and weaving crazily about. Been trying to identify it for a few days and hit upon your site. I’m afraid its not a very good photo but here goes anyway…
Nick Chatterjee,
Mumbai, India

Hi Nick,
Your three emails came in rapid succession. The egg photo was not attached, but we are thrilled to post the other two images of the Ribbon Winged Lacewing.

here is the egg photo again….

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