Really cute caterpillars
Hello Bugman!
Last Summer, in my yard, I found a large yellow and brown moth. It was being bullied (stung) over and over by a yellowjacket. I killed the bee and scooped up the moth and brought it onto my back porch. I put “her” into my butterfly keeper from pre-school and left her on my back porch with a mixture of sugarwater for butterflies, lots of leaves, some dirt and a shallow bit of water. Much to my surprise she began to lay tiny little yellow eggs. She died soon after. I felt so sad for her. Not knowing any better, I thought the little eggs would stay eggs till the next season. Boy was I excited and covered up in tiny little caterpillars one day! I put them outside in hopes they would find whatever they needed. These are the pictures I took of them. I could see each tiny life inside each tiny egg! It was so beautiful! Thank you for such a wonderful web site!
Rene’ Jackson
Conyers, Ga

Hi Rene,
BugGuide has an excellent example of the life cycle of the Imperial Moth. We are happy to get your images of newly hatched Imperial Moth Caterpillars.

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