Cobweb Spider?
Hello again!
I recently sent you in a photo of an unknown spider that I found in my basement. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to send in any pictures of new bugs not many bugs to be found in 5 ft snow banks! I did, however, find a spider on the ceiling in my basement. It was in a web and had very long legs. I’m not sure what kind of spider it is. I thought maybe it was a long jawed orb weaver, but when I looked that up, they didn’t really match. I’m not very fond of finding spiders in my home, but didn’t have the heart to terminate this one. I let it go in my garage, but I imaging he’ll find it’s way back inside, as it is still rather cold out. I’ve had a bit more time to research your pages and I’m wondering if the spider is a cobweb spider. When I relocated the spider from its web, it did start gyrating like crazy, which is described in the cobweb spider submission on your Spider 2 page, sent in by Kathy. I can’t really tell if my spider matches the image posted on that page, though. Thanks again for any info you may have.

Hi Yvonne,
Yes, this is a Cobweb Spider, Pholcus phalangioides.

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