Green Caterpillar
I found this little caterpillar on the sidewalk and picked it up so that it wouldn’t get squashed. Now its at my house but it’s not eating the plants I provided for her. What type of caterpillar is it and what does it eat? Thank you for your time,

Hi Gabi,
This is an Io Moth Caterpillar. Be careful, since those spines can sting. Io Moth Caterpillars feed on a variety of deciduous trees including wild cherry. The Featured Creatures website indicates: “The io moth has a long list of host plants, with over 100 recorded plant genera in North America, including such diverse plants as roses, cotton, hibiscus, azaleas, willows, clover, and palms. In Florida, io moth larvae are commonly found on oaks and other hardwoods. “

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