Butterflies at Niagara Conservatory
Hi! Your site is a lot of fun, what a labor of love. I would really like to know what this butterfly is so I can label the photo in my album! The picture was taken a few years ago at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory. In my North America guide, they look most like Pearly Eyes, but the number of eyespots is wrong. They could be a relative from the tropics, since the conservatory imports chrysalises from all over. Thanks,
San Jose, CA

Hi Melanie,
These are Blue Morpho Butterflies. Butterflies in the genus Morpho often have irridescent blue wings with brown underwings. When the butterfly is in flight, it is showy, but when it alights, it is camoflauged. There is an excellent Wikipedia page on Morphos. Sadly, we haven’t the time to research what species this is as there are about 80 species in the genus that is found in Central and South America.

Thank you! Then they must be Morpho peleides, which the Conservatory exhibits. I had no idea that they were the same butterfly as the gorgeous blue ones. (I probably noticed that when we visited, but the pictures are from 2003!)

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