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bright red-bodied butterfly
This bright red-bodied butterfly is from the Phillipines. I think it might be of the Rose family but I can’t find it on the Web. Can you identify it for me? Thanks

Hi Trevor,
We do not have the time this morning to properly identify your Swallowtail Butterfly. There are several endangered species in the Philippines but we need additional time to research. We have a suspicion that one of our readers (who should be on our payroll if we had a payroll) will identify this before we log on again.

I did a little bit more research, and it seems to me as if the red body means it is definitely a Rose Swallowtail, specifically a Red-Bodied Swallowtail of the genus or subgenus Pachliopta, (aka genus Atrophaneura). In some of these species the female is colored less spectacularly than the male, and so perhaps we are seeing the female of a species which is normally illustrated with the more highly-marked male? I can’t seem to get this to species, but here is an image of what I assume is a related Australia species: http://users.chariot.net.au/~erg/polydoraqueensl_ad_f.jpg

Some of the species in the genus Atrophaneura are known as Batwings. The one that most closely resembles the image is Atrophaneura varuna zaleucus which seems to have considerable variability. We were still not satisfied that this was a proper identification and continued our research. FINALLY, we arrived at an exact match: a male Atrophaneura semperi supernotata which is from the Philippines and is offered for sale on The Insect Company. Other examples of this species do not appear to be an exact match, so perhaps this variation is only found in the Philippines.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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