Hi! These orb-waiver spiders abound in my house here in Argentina. I would like to know what are they and whether they are dangerous. I can only guess they are some kind of Argiope from some pictures I’ve found in Wikipedia and in your site.

Hi Emiliano,
These are Argiope Orb Weavers, but we cannot tell you what species without additional research. The smaller spider is the pair and he will live in the web with the female and eventually mate. Should you happern to learn the species name, please update us.

Hi again guys,
I reckon this is Argiope argentata, the Silver Argiope. Take a look at: http://www.americanarachnology.org/HiResGallery/orb_a_argentata.html Judging by all the images I looked at, this spider seems to be quite variable in color. The species range of distribution is from the U.S., southern California (San Diego), southern Texas and Arizona all the the way to Argentina. Got that info from a very good page about the species at: http://www.sdnhm.org/fieldguide/inverts/argi-arg.html To Emiliano I would say: do not worry, they are not dangerous unless you are a fly. Most species of spiders do not pose any risk to humans.

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