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Brazilian coast bug
This is the picture of a very common bug in the coast of brazil. It lives in the sand and it’s size ranges from 3 or 4 mm to 3 cm. It’s like some kind of betlee that buries it self in the sand. Thank you very much

Hi Javier,
We have very fond memories of capturing Sand Crabs in the interstitial zone of the beaches near Topanga Canyon, CA in the 70s. Thanks for sending in a truly awesome photo of a Sand Crab.

Hi guys,
Ah, one of my favorite kind of cute little critters, Mole Crabs! This is Emerita brasiliensis, the Brazilian Sand Crab or Mole Crab. It’s one of the species shown at: http://www.usp.br/cbm/artigos/praia.html Here on the East Coast of the US we have lots of really nice Atlantic Mole Crabs, Emerita talpoida. From what I read, there are in total four different species of sand crab on the Atlantic coast of the Americas, and two species on the Pacific coast, including your Emerita analoga (the other Pacific species is more tropical.)

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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  1. bugdude21 says:

    Those are so much fun to look for at the beach!

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