What’s this please?
Taken on Mount Tamborine, Australia.
It’s an odd tiny thing that walks backwards as if it’s spikes are on it’s head. Very jerky too. It’s like a mini dinosaur. Can you help? It’s got a few of us on the Ex-pats site flummoxed! Regards

Hi Colette,
We were certain this was an immature Plant Hopper, but were unsure of the species, so we scoured the Geocities website. We found several likely candidates in the family Eurybrachyidae whose nymphs look very similar to your image, but we cannot settle on an exact match. Several species are described as moving backwards. Some likely candidates include the Green Face Wattle Hopper (Olonia viridiventris), the Spider-face Wattle Hopper (Gelastopsis insignis), and the Eye-patterned Gum Hopper (Platybrachys vidua).

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