Have I discovered a new bug?!
The diameter of the ball on top looks like mabe 1.5 mm. When not walking it retreats to some extent under it’s ball. When it walks, viewed from above it looks as though it is riding on wheels, so perfectly smooth is its motion. I found it in a canyon in Los Angeles. Thank you very much.
Terry Payne

Hi Terry,
This is a Debris Carrying Lacewing Larva. Some Lacewings carry debris, including the carcasses of prey, as protection and camouflage.

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  1. Paula B says:

    My husband and I found a Lace Wing Larva in our house the other night. My husband found it. Thought at first he had found a lightning bug, because he was flashing. We scooped him up and examined him further. The flash was caused by a sequin he had attached to himself that flashed in the light as he walked along. He was mostly covered with ants. I put him in a container so I could show my kids and grandchildren the next day. My son-in-law looked at him through his cell phone. Apparently the little junk bug was conscious that we were doing something that he perceived as a threat. He took one of his ants off and shook it at us several times. Place it again on his back then get it again and shake it again, as if to say “Nah Nah Nay, Aren’t you scared of me… I have ants that should scare you.”
    That bit of spunk made me fall in love with him, if you can believe that…I made sure to quickly release him hoping no harm was done to him. He was both worried and scared but still stood up for himself as best he could.

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