Desert something
This was found just outside our hooch in Kuwait. A friend in the states guessed darkling beetle. Any idea? I have seen no insects in Baghdad larger than a mosquito. Anything interesting I should keep an eye out for? Or good places to look? Thanks,
CTT1 Micah Coleman and CTR1 Fred Smith (He actually spotted the beetle)
Camp Slayer, Baghdad

Hi Micah,
We are in agreement with your friend who identified this as a Darkling Beetle. Darkling Beetles are in the family Tenebrionidae. Our two most common submissions from the Gulf are Mole Crickets and Camel Spiders.

Location: kuwait

7 Responses to Darkling Beetle from Kuwait are “Confissas”: Adesmia cancellata

  1. Tango Mike says:

    I found these guys in my boots a couple of times – harmless. The Kuwaiti locals called them “confissas.” They made tracks in the sand about 3cm apart over long distances. They most closely resemble Egyptian Darkling Beetles.

  2. Jenn says:

    I was also trying to find out what they were and was calling them “All-Terrain-Beetles,” until I did! They are the Pinstriped Ground Weevil. They do look like ATVs when they move so fast and over sand, rocks, etc, like it’s nothing. Their legs are long, holding them up off the ground about an inch (unless they haven’t survived the birds long enough to grow up!)

  3. Brandi says:

    I’m glad she did–I’m here now trying to figure out what they are..thanks all
    Of you

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