Roschildia maurus
Hi there
I just returned from a trip to Argentina, and while I was there I found a moth that is identical to this one that you say ranges only as far south as Mexico (according to bugguide, which I haven’t checked out yet). I’ll forward a photo that was taken in a small town in Jujuy province, near Parque Nacional Calilegua. There were many, many others and I’m actually now considering furthering my zoology degree in this direction! Living in Canada I had no idea what an incredible diversity of moths existed… Anyway, it’s 2 am here and I’ll see what else I can find tomorrow, but thought for now this might be an interesting side note… Thanks, look forward to hearing any comments you have
Susan Cousineau
(Kananaskis Country, Alberta)

Hi Susan,
There is an Argentine moth in the same genus you mention, Rothschildia jacobaeae. The transparent areas on the wing of your moth differ slightly in shape from the ones pictured online, but we would still wager this is the same species.

Thanks for your note about R. jacaobaeae – however I think the photo matches much more closely to R. forbesi, unless all of the R. jacaobaeae photos I am seeing are males and the females are different… The big difference, I think, is that in R. f. the “windows” (or mirrors) are closed; in R. j. they break into the edge patterns of the wings. ???? Tell me what you think. I also have a ream of other moths I’d like identified as I’m just pulling together a little presentation of my trip and would really like them to be properly named – if you’re interested! Thanks,

Hi Susan,
We cannot find any information that Rothschildia forbesi ranges to Argentina. There are also other members of the genus. Based on the known ranges, we still favor Rothschildia jacobaeae.

Correction: (03/21/2008)
Daniel, Regarding the two Rothschilida … the one from Panama is R. triloba; the one from Jujuy, Argentina is Rothschildia maurus. I am happy to help with any Saturniidae identifications. Is there any way you can put me in contact with either of these two photographers??
Bill Oehlke

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