Coastal bug
Hi Bugman-
I sent you this message and picture last October when everyone else was sending bug photos too. You were too busy to give me an answer. So I thought I might ask you again now when the bugs are mostly hiding from the cold. I hope that you are no longer too busy to check it out for me. I still can’t find it in a book anywhere. The wings are four and quite narrow. The wingspan is about an inch and a half. It appears to have only four legs. There is a little furry spot above its eyes. Because I live in Norfolk Va on the Chesapeake Bay, I think it may be a salt marsh creature. What do you think? Nothing like it appears in any of my insect books. Thank you.
Rita Marlier

Hi Rita,
Sorry we have been so busy. This is a Plume Moth. We often get letters calling it the T Bug.

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