Thanks for posting the pictures and letters on Spring Tails. Similar to one of your readers we saw these little guys on Christmas day in Oregon and have been stumped for a month trying to determine what they are. Here are two more pictures we took that you can publish. The Douglas fir needle gives you a little bit of scale.
-Kevin Joyce

Hi Kevin,
We are glad to hear our site assisted you in the identification of your Snow Fleas, a type of Springtail that can be very plentiful on warm winter days.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    We have found miniscule bugs that are jumping around on our snow. I am thinking they may be snow fleas.but they are so small I can not even tell you their color as they just look black to us………..they have congregated around the tops of my flowering bushes that have poked out of high snow drifts………we live in Quebec Canada…….can you tell me if these are harmful to my plants.or what they could possibly be

    • bugman says:

      We suspect they are Springtails and those that appear in the snow are called Snow Fleas. They will not harm your plants.

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