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spider from the gambia…
Found your website and hoped you can tell me more about this species… I guess it’s a Nephilia senegalensis annulata or Banded-legged Golden Orb-web Spider. The picture I send you was taken in the Gambia but I also saw these in South Africa, allthough the webs in the Gambian forests were larger (2-3 meters). This was surely a female cos she was huge! She’s also eating an insect… In the Gambia, the locals tell that the ones with grey head are harmless, but the black-headed aren’t so they kill them when they spot one… any point?

Hi Michael,
This is the third or fourth species of Nephila spiders we have posted over the years. The North American species, Nephila clavipes, is known as the Golden Silk Spider because of the color of the silk. Your specimen also had gold silk. In our opinion, the local theory that different color variations of the same species might be dangerous or not is not true.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. German Quintero says:

    Quisiera saber si este tipo de aran’a que en EE UU se conoce como banana spider es peligrosa o venenosa .
    German Quintero

    • bugman says:

      Hola German,
      If our understanding of Spanish is correct, we believe you are inquiring if the Banana Spider from the U.S. (Estados Unidos) is dangerous or venomous. Nearly all spiders have venom and a large Banana Spider, Nephila clavipes, could bite a person, but the bite is not considered dangerous. There might be pain, sensitivity and local swelling if a bite occurs.

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