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Spider Fangs and other great pictures… Best Tropical Orb Weaver pictures ever!
Hello! I have some pictures of a spider in my Orlando, FL backyard that I thought you might enjoy. She is (we believe) a Tropical Orb Weaver (Eriophora ravilla). One of the pictures is a pretty good shot of her fang as she is eating a cricket. She is pretty fat, and looks like she might be about ready to lay some eggs. I am sending pictures of her from many angles, to show the dull coloration on top, hints of bright colors from the side, and then beautiful reds and yellows and oranges on her underside (the camera’s flash really brings out her colors). Also, I think one of the unidentified spiders on your “spiders 2” page might also be a Tropical Orb Weaver (about 2/3 of the way down, “Orb Weavers” from Leslie in central Florida).
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Hi Matthew,
Thanks for sending in your fabulous images and identification information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

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  1. Martha says:

    A spider, about the size of a quarter including its legs, jumped from the top of my compost litter when I opened the lid. Obviously startled by the light and not wanting the sun (or me?) it scurrried under the compost bin and I could not find it again. My compost has a very large amount of leaf, weed & grass, some rotting veg food. Spider had a huge abdomen that almost obscured what seemed to be rather thick (furry?) legs, so it seemed to be carrying that abdomen vertically above her. In the shade looked medium brown, a little fuzzy all over tho I did not have my much-needed glasses on, never seen such before. My profession has me opening a lot of equipment that contains mostly brown widows – was not the brown widow and seems too large an abdomen and different shape for a recluse (hopefully??). Will try to bring my phone next daylight compost trip for a picture, but if you have any suggestions would love to hear from you. I thought maybe the cat-faced, but is this its range (Hobe Sound FL)? I live in basically altered scrub habitat. Most neighbors irrigate and manicure, but my yard is going drier every day with patchy oases and a few larger trees that are intended to eventually hold their own on this old, old sand bar. The composts are under a mango tree. I hope all that helps for habitat description. Is the cat-faced in this area of FL? May all be wishful thinking against the recluse.

  2. Frank Asen says:

    I seem to begin to be almost over run with these orb weavers. Have seen and disposed of many in the last month. They are the type with the GREEN SPOT on the abdomen. They look a lot like the “bad guys” we have here in Florida. This spider looks like the first picture on this post except the abdomen has a large green “dot” instead of a mild brownish gold pictured. Can You please confirm this genus is indeed non poisonous. I live in the wooded part of the county and have many oak and pine trees around. I keep the yard pretty well mowed. The First ones I found were on my screened in front porch and the last one I got was in my hall bath today (8/27/17). Does this sound like an infestation that I need to worry about or should I just keep “clearing” them as they appear? I am located in Polk County near Lakeland and Winter Haven, FL.
    Thank you for your time.

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