Picture of a Golden Silk Spider
Hello Bug Folks!
We were hiking yesterday near Savannah, GA when we came across this beauty. She was huge! I thought she was some sort of Argiope, but when I poked around your site, I was able to ID her as a Golden Silk Spider. I’m an avid What’s That Bug reader, but this was the first time I’ve gotten to use you for identification. Thanks for providing a great service, and I hope you like the photo. By the way, I know you folks are amazingly busy, but is there any way you could set up an RSS feed for your page? I don’t think they’re terribly difficult to do. If not, I’ll just keep stopping by every day to see if there’s anything new. Thanks again,
Sara Malec

Hi Sara,
Thank you for sending in your fabulous image of a Golden Silk Spider, Nephila clavipes. We will check with our web host about the RSS feed you mention.

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