posted 01/26/2007 Golden Paper Wasp or Giant Hornet?
Dear Bugman,
On Sanibel Island, Florida – this fairly co-operative individual let me snap a couple photos before flying off. I have to admit – it looked rather intimidating, but didn’t seem aggressive as I lurked around the thistle taking his picture. Your website has helped me get over my squeamishness about many insects. The information you provide helps propel me beyond reflexive revulsion. It really is a fascinating world flitting, burrowing and crawling around us. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. It’s contagious.
Cathy Wilson
(vacationing in Florida)

Hi Cathy,
We are sorry for the delay, but we had a slow mail day today and are answering a few older letters. This looks like Polistes major, a Paper Wasp with no common name. BugGuide lists some specimens from Florida.

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